Continued MMS fight

Destroying the “Lack Empathy” Myth in the Wake of Autistic Abuse

Written by Heather Beattie

It pleases me that awareness for the abusive autism treatment MMS is being once again highlighted in the news. Big changes are being made. Being out of the network for 3 years, I had no idea Melissa Eaton or Amanda Seiger  were working undercover for such a long time. Here is one of the mainly press releases

Moms infiltrate online groups to stop poisoning

blog about MMS. Here is an article on the subject if you are unsure.

This blog is about the similar theme which has been constantly repeated in this massive project.

When I first found out about MMS I had accidently added myself to the group CD Autism. I had just assumed it was another Autism group, so when posts started coming up in my timeline, it felt like my heart sinking down to my stomach. So much pain, scared kids, hurt kids, so many misunderstood parents, so much desperation, false hopes and so many photos of people’s bowel movements. So many abbreviations I didn’t understand like pp (parasite protocol). It seemed as if parenta were being groomed into abusing their own kids. All I could see was that it was SO wrong.


In other parenting groups you would see kids achieving things and parents praising them. In this group all praise was given to these little bottles of poison. I immediately shared my concerns with others on facebook. We found others fighting it  and created a fb group. I was in a chat with people from the USA, UK, Canada, and South Africa. After a month or so we found German activists fighting it too. I reported a few parents implementing this protocol to the NSPCC along with others. We also reported the sellers to trading standards, and reported the groups to facebook. I honestly thought the problem would be resolved in months, how naive.


One German friend helped guide me to find one of the most famous activists Fiona Oleary, in Ireland, who, within a week she had media attention, and with colleagues, worked hard to get the documentary Primetime the bleach prescription out the following year, meanwhile working on so many things



Activists from all over the world started doing things in their own countries. Laws varied considerably. As did the safety of the people reporting sometimes. Some were public and vocal, many behind the scenes.

Frustration was still there though, as despite all the awareness we were spreading members only trickled into our anti mms group, with little activity. In many autism groups there appeared to be sympathy for the parents for being “so desperate” rather than the obvious fact that abuse was taking place. Other Autism groups, biomed type treatments were sneaking in and you had to be careful you weren’t in some bizarre way giving out free advertising. The science community was slowly introduced and a few helped debunk the pseudoscience and some manitory reporters did their bit too, and I think they continue to do.

We found Emma Dalmayne in that November that year and her dedication, drive and commitment has unstoppable ever since. Her quick connection to the press, authoritities and parliament fantastic. She has received so much media attention in the last 5 years and has worked to seal convictions and law changes.


Our German associates were making so much progress, their fighting starting a year before ours and laws were quickly changed. They still remain on alert.

South Africa the fight had began which eventually resulted in law changes. Canada too, Ireland and many others.

This amazing documentary came out in Canada from the work of some great people.

There were protests in the USA against Autismone the yearly quackfest which promoted these vile protocols. The second managing to stop Rivera from promoting her protocol in Illinois.




There is so much now, a quick google search will bring. I have left out so much. Much campaigning, and so many different countries.

Websites have been made.
Articles and blogs have been written.
Petitions have been made.
There has been so much press exposure.
Laws have been changed.
The book has stopped selling on Amazon.
Facebook groups have been closed.
Parents have been reported.

And so much has been done, it would honestly take a novel to write it all, but now I want to address something SO important. Its never really highlighted in the press. None of this, I mean NONE of it would have been achieved without the determined, tireless, brave and dedicated work of Autistic adults. None.

The first chat I personally joined about stopping MMS, nearly all Autistic Adults. The first facebook group against MMS started, nearly all Autistic Adults, the first fb page against MMS, made by Autistics.

The German contact, an Autistic mother who helped me find an Irish Autistic mother. Telling me an Autistic mother will care the most. We tried Irish parenting groups with no success. Fiona Oleary, of course Autistic. I worked with Fiona for over a year. Her work begins about 9.30am and finishes aroung 4am some days. Her dedication holds no bounds.

Amanda Sleiger is Autistic.


The German fighters,mostly Autistic, Australia and New Zealand, mostly Autistic. America and Canada, mostly Autistic. Are you seeing a pattern?? Emma Dalmayne, guess what?? Autistic.


There are new Autistics joining the fight all the time, sharing petitions, sharing articles, spreading awareness. Making phonecalls, sending emails.

People see “special interests” as a bad thing. Autistic people “don’t have Empathy?”. They have no “concept of other people”. I have never seen these concepts debunked more thoroughly than here.  The drive stop the abuse of children never met is huge, driven, determined, unstoppable.

We thank the press, the politicians,child abuse services, but to our army of Autistics fighting for the safety of rights and safety of kids they have never met is great.

This article certainly isn’t discrediting all the non Autistic Allies involved too such as our latest hero Melissa Eaton.


There are non autistics investigating, sharing information, going to protests, signing petitions too of course.


The fights continue against MMS just like other forms of abuse, like this current one against the JRC abuse here:


Like the fight for services for kids with additional needs here:


These fights are full of Autistic advocates.

The fight against ABA, I fear will take so much longer, as the fight against MMS is now in about into its 7th year, though we are winning. ABA however, is more subtle abuse, socially acceptable, more strategic marketing, more naive therapists and parents who genuinely think they are doing the right thing. But the army against ABA is getting bigger, and I see the same dedication from Autistic adults fighting ABA as I do from the MMS fighters.

But just like the fight against MMS, it will end. Even if I am writing about it as an old lady. Would MMS have been successful without the crowd of Autistics fighting against it? Perhaps not, I dread to think.

Autistics and Allies will always continually fight against what is wrong. The mistakes their parents made will be worked on to create better lives for the next generation.

Ps before I go UK readers please sign and share

UK petition against Autistic “Cures”

USA readers please sign and share this:

petition to end toxic cures in the USA

So next time you read some comment, post or article on social media talking about Autistic people lacking empathy, or not caring for others, please share this, the dedication, in Autistics is essential, thorough and can be life saving. 🙂

If you can help in any way with the fight against MMS please contact this facebook page: The Autistic Avenger

As a non Autistic myself the sheer horror of MMS and complete admiration of Autistic Advocates inspired me to help admin  the facebook group Autistic Allies, completely dedicated to connecting Neurotypical people to Neurodiversity as I feel its the most practical way to stop parents falling for these quack treatments and abusive therapies. Please join 😊

Autistic Allies

Autistics We Need You 

Why we all need Autistics.

While on twitter I stumbled upon a post which affected me deeply.  It was an autistic person who was hurt, and extremely upset by the #boycotttosiri drama happening on Twitter.  Hundreds of sad and angry autistics protesting the ableist book ‘to siri with love’ ‘.

  The disrespect the author shows to her son with ‘warts and all’ descriptions, and a wish she could sterilise him.  Within this display of sadness was a tweet  which said “non autistics, please tell us why our lives are of value, please tell us why society needs us”.  I can’t remember the exact wording but it was something similar.  I want to answer, so I will:

This isn’t going to be a blog about those ‘savant’ autistics only.  It would be like saying anyone who hasn’t got magnificent jobs hasn’t got a value in life.  Every life has a value.

Likewise I am not going to make it this patronising blog about how autistic /  disabled people ‘inspire’ us bleuh 😒
As stated by  Hans Asperger himself “It seems that for success in science or art, a dash of autism is essential”        

  Autistic people we need you.

We need the non verbal kid to look through the sun blazed window to see the beautiful prisoms of the rainbow.  We need kids lying under swings to see the different perceptions of life.  The joy seeing autistic kids playing unconventional ways, not influenced by others is heartwarming.  

We need the kids not giving in to popular fads which makes us see the insanity of  these actions.  Autistics show us that life is so much more important than that.

We need kids who don’t adhere to peer pressure.  Who can refuse to participate in useless activities, or bullying campaigns often based on insecurities due to social demands.

We need parents to know that life is not a competition.  That life is so much more important and precious than that.

We need teachers to see that their conventional teaching methods don’t always work, that schooling is far more than educational grading.  That a good teacher is one who learns as much as teaching.  Autistic children teach them to find different learning methods which are benefit to all.  

Sensory Issues –  We need acute hearing, seeing, smelling and touching to spot danger, to discover new things.  To gain new inventions.

We need communication which isn’t verbal to see as humans we are so much more than the human voice.  New technologies can be used for so many more things than ‘Autism’

Anxiety – we need people who are fight or flight.  They will be the ones warning us when danger comes.

Without that person ‘thinking out of the box’, seeing different patterns, teaching us unconventional ways of life.  Showing us life surrounded constantly by others isn’t the only way to live.  Sometimes sitting in a library reading a book can be far more enjoyable than seeking constant social company can be ok.   

Not everyone should walk in the same line.  

We won’t all fall for commercialised expectations or advertised propaganda.  
We need to see that being ‘sociable’ can have as many deficits as attributes.  

We need people who work best alone.

What about autistics who can never work, who can never be independant, do we need them?  Yes of course.  

We need jobs for carers, we need jobs for therapists, but more importantly we need to respect that every life has value.  

No life should be judged on financial value.  

None of us asked to be born, and none of us should undervalue anyone else.

To the autistics  with lower cognitive ability, you give unconditonal love, an honesty to cherish and an innocence to teach us what life should be about.  We need you.

    Equally we need to acknowledge that those of you unable to work are at mercy of your needs often not provided.  Simple adjustments can help you contribute if able, that it is the rigid thinking of normalicy which prevents this.  It is not your fault, society needs to change.  We need you to teach us how.  Until then we need your diversity, your wisdom and your  passions to teach us all.  We need you.

Autistics we need you, equally as much as you need us.  And behalf of us many non autistics, I am so so sorry that you would ever be made to feel unwanted.  Non autistics can be so caught up in social expectations, as much as perhaps you need your solitude at times.  And that Autistics, is why we need you all so much.  
For the human race to survive we need you.

As non autistics it is NOT up to us to judge the value, quality or worth of other people’s lives

Autistics you are our brothers, our sisters, our friends, our lovers, our children, our work colleagues, our service users, our scientists, our bankers, our artists, our customers, our providers.

We need you ❤❤❤


If you can relate to anything on this blog, try to learn from it.  Repeat to yourself ‘jealousy is a wasted emotion’ and do it everytime the feeling arises.  The feeling will pass ❤  Let yourself be happy ☺

I read a blog recently about a mother who had her autistic son at softplay with parents of kids with non autistic kids all about how it made her so sad, as all she did was make comparisons.
Hands on heart I did the same but it was wrong.
I want you to think of a time in your life when jealousy added any value to your life?  Your friend with the big house who ended up with the messy divorce?

That ex boyfriend who you loved for years who is now in jail?   That mother you thought was trendy and cool, but had a secret drinking problem?

Jealousy is a horrible emotion based on half stories and a world that rarely exists.   Most of it we know is irrational and has no benefit but it consumes us, tearing up our happiness.
So why do we allow those emotions to overtake us when our kid has a disability?

Simple answer society permits it.
For anyone who feels like this, I want you to explore these emotions.  Your kid is playing happily at the park and you see 2 other kids playing.  Their speech is perfect and conversation flows.  Why are you jealous?  What is your reason?  Is your kid staring at then heartbroken wishing she was them?  Probably not.  She’s in the park, her favourite place doing the activity that she enjoys.  Its not wrong.  Who says she should be playing with those kids?

Are you jealous of their speech.   Why?  Does your kid look at them with tears streaming down his face?  No?  So why the lump in the throat?  Remember the fun him and his speech therapist had?  The giggles from the room?  Was your kid crying as he had to have therapy?  If so, find another one.  Why are you sad?  Your child isn’t.

I am fortunate enough to know many autistic adults.  Do they spend their whole entire adulthood complaining about the stuff that they couldn’t do as a child because they are autistic?  I haven’t found one yet.  Have I found many autistic adults heartbroken reading blogs from mothers who constantly compare her child to others, many.   Why?  Because often that is the perception they got from their own  mothers too.

“Tommy is unable to socialise with other kids”, maybe he doesn’t want to?

It took Tommy 10 years to ride a bike, and, hes delighted now he can, and hes now not worried about falling off too much.
If he is sad about these reasons, help him, guide him, support him, tell him hes amazing the way he is, but don’t grieve for yourself, its his childhood not yours.  Stop grieving about a child who doesn’t exist.  Its a complete waste of emotion, time and energy.  Your kid needs you happily sharing memories being the parent that they need you to be.

Remember that jealousy of the ex boyfriend, remember the jealousy of the cool mum, remember the jealousy of ideal marriage with the big fancy house.  Was this wasted emotion?  Do you wish you had simply enjoyed your new found single life, appreciated your own mother?  Cosied up in your little house?  Wasted emotion that you regret to this day?  Get out there, enjoy your little kid, have fun and make memories.  Stop wasting your life on jealousy.  Life is short, go make some fun memories ☺

Autism, Neurodiversity, Do We Need A New Language?


Autism Spectrum Disorder is the name applied to individuals who have a particular neurological difference and myriad related symptoms.  At the core neurodiversity; having a wide variety of different ways of thinking, is good for the entire world.  Every person born with or without Autism has the potential to enrich his or her community.  Alternate perspectives, different intelligences and variations of creativity are amazing gifts.

But lets talk about  the dark side; sensory sensitivities, communication issues, social confusion, pain, anxiety, depression, gastro-intestinal problems and a compromised immune symptoms. All of these issues are incredibly common in people with ASD.

super-alex-0003 People with Autism are often under attack

Let’s look at the two parenting approaches:

  • Positive; There is nothing wrong with Autism.  This can lead to parents without an emotional outlet and the autistic person is left questioning their lack of success.
  • Negative; Autism is a horrific disorder.  Parents are left to…

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Christmas holidays went far too fast.  I am worried sick, my bully was pulled up before the holidays, after years of ridicule and eventually they believed me.  This will be my first day back after the holidays.   Maths is first, I can cope with that, but my bully is in my English class. My stomach is churning even more than usual, but I must go to school.  Exams are soon and my dream is to be a maths teacher.  I excel at maths. 


Maths class went OK and now I am heading to English.  My friend is still on holiday so I have to sit by myself.   My bully stares at me.  Where is the teacher, I think, why is she not in yet? 

My bully approaches the front of the class “The reality of Autism” she announces with a print out in her hands.  “Written by Catherine McDonald.  I am in shock, I stick my head firmly on my desk, not looking at anyone.  What on earth has she seen, what the hell has my mother written?  


” Autism has caused my divorce” the first paragraph, what?  I think my dad said their divorce had nothing to do with that, my dad lied.   , “Sophie still isn’t toilet trained and she is 5″, this created a huge uprow of laughter from all the kids in the class.  It was deafening.   My bully puts the article down and marches to my desk ” you used to smear shit didn’t you, all over your room, so you still do that? “.  Another child shouted “what a retard”.    Your poor mum went through all this crap due to you, my bully shouted, you are scum, you should never have been born “. The bully put the print out on my desk. She had printed the comments too, people thanking my mum for being brave, being honest, telling it like it is, wondering how she did it all.  This was enough I jumped up, and ran, I pushed my teacher over running out of the room.  I knew exactly where I was going.  This was too much.


As I had predicted, the run to the bridge took 8 minutes 26 seconds.  I allowed myself 120 seconds to try and solve my predicament.  As previously calculated it took 10.12 seconds for me to jump and my head to smash off a rock below.  This was my final calculation.


As you will have guessed this is a fictional character, but unfortunately may well be a real one. 

The one place a child should be safe to be themselves is at home.

Critics would say we need awareness.  People need to understand the struggles families go through.     Parents need to be able to relate to each other, I get it,I really do.  Its therapeutic to write your issues down.  Its rewarding to get positive feedback.  Its reassuring to read something that is similar to your own life.  I honestly understand.  That is why private and closed groups on social media are good.  You can share, you can learn, you can get great ideas

Your kids grow up , that non verbal little tot who seems difficult to connect with may achieve a fully independent, competent, life, in fact whether they do or not, it is not just your story to share, it is theirs too.  Its simply not your business to be sharing this with the world. 



So how can we get our stories out without being 100% honest about who we are?  Use a different name, call your kid “squiggle”, use stock photos. Just respect their privacy.

One thing I would like to also say though is please keep an eye in your mental health.  Yes writing down things may seem therapeutic, but publishing your articles in magazines, press etc is not a long term solution.  Many publishers would be only too happy to accept your articles.  Often the more negative and depressing the article, the more positive feedback it can get.  People love a tragic story.  Just remember these articles stay online forever.  Look after yourself

An article like this can be a weapon for bullies, put off a future love interest, dismiss a college application, ruin a job opportunity.  These people won’t have the knowledge you do about your child, but will have the ability to do a google search.  Don’t ruin your child’s life by prioritising the need to vent about your own.


Reality is the way forward

I watched you in CD Autism.  I watched with horror after day after day you took a photo of what you called “parasites” being extracted from your child’s bowels.  You were loved, encouraged, perhaps Rivera’s favourite prodigy.  Positive likes and comments filled the group.  However I rarely saw any posts about how well your daughter was doing, or any progress made.  I left the group a while back, on the understanding enough people in there had the sense to report what you were doing to a child protection agency.  I am in the UK so couldn’t do much. 

The next time I set eyes on your profile, was in another group over a  year later.  You have changed your surname, but your photo still remains.  One I will never forget.    I looked at your profile and was shocked to discover more you are doing


Chlorine dioxide didn’t work, neither did GCMaF, I hear, but now you are raising money for a stem cell treatment

Go Fund Me

This doesn’t work either

But I guess it is pointless giving you Science links when you don’t listen to warnings about MMS

With that I really want to sit you down and have a chat. 

Your daughter has a diagnosis of severe Autism.  Life is tough, I understand that.  It isn’t your fault, it isn’t her fault.  It isn’t the vaccinations, it is no ones fault.  Some people have kids with disabilities and that is just life.   Your daughter is 12 now.  You seem to have spent so many years blaming things for the way she is, rather than facing reality.  She may never be able to live independently, she may have to go into a group home as an adult.  There is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent that happening if she is not capable.  It doesn’t matter whether you have millions, or no money, there are no secret potions or treatments which can stop this. It is time for you to join reality. 

I know life will be hard for you, perhaps monotonous, she might be your full time job for the rest of your life.  Its probably not the life you picked, but just look at her, she’s worth it isn’t she.  I know her behaviour is probably challenging, there will be things you don’t understand, but its no parasites, its a different neurology to yours.  One you can learn all about.  Fighting it, simply doesn’t work. 

You say in your ‘go fund me’ that she is very bright.  This is awesome.  This means she can learn different communication methods if she hasn’t already.  Have you ever looked up “Carly Fleishman” your daughter could be just like her. 

Carly Fleischmann

I know many autistic adults diagnosed as severe as a child.  Many communicate from different means, some didn’t speak till their teenage years, some still don’t speak, some even managed to live independently, with only a bit of  help when needed.  No “Autism Treatments got them to this stage .

It will be a long road for you to reach autism acceptance, but please do try, for your daughters sake, she deserves to be proud of who she is. 

You are in a big group with many autistic adults, trying to make a difference.  Get tips from them, learn how to help your daughter.  Its a long road. There is no short cut, but you can do it, because deep down, all autistics ever want is to be accepted as who they are.

I will leave you with some great links and blogs written by and about adults with severe autism. 

Autism isn’t a fight that you will win.  Try learning from others about the reasons for her behaviours and it will help

Good luck

Amy Sequenzia

interview with non verbal adults

blog about a mother raising her severely Autistic son

Awesome Autistic Adults

We can all remember difficult times in our childhood.  Struggles that often make a huge impact on us even as adults, some make us stronger, some leave permanent scars, but most do both. 


Now imagine growing up not allowed to be yourself.  Being seen as a burden, strange, “not right in the head”, the things you enjoy being restricted, the things that stabilise your happiness and wellbeing being removed from you.  Many of us have vague memories of this happening, but to many autistic adults this was a daily struggle.  The embarrassed mothers, the teachers who branded them as naughty or lazy, the therapists who tried to ” normalise ” these kids.  Autism awareness was rare, acceptance decades away.  All help given was on the understanding that the child needs to be as “normal” as possible. 


Luckily nowadays parents, teachers and therapists are gradually learning that this method is unacceptable.  Without the “Wakefield effect” slowing this process down, due to unscrupulous pseudoscience salesmen, I believe we would be gaining a lot of ground.


Now I want to mention a group of people I know who suffered the above.  In my eyes they are awesome, not because I want to spew some ableist shit about surviving disabilities.   Or some pity party blog about how life as been so hard.  They don’t want that.  What they want, what they crave is for no other kids to go through all the shit that got thrown at them as kids.  They want the children’s parents to understand their kids more, be proud of them, and not spew ableist nonsense about them.


There are many autistic adults on Facebook doing just this.  If you have an autistic kid, make friends with them, learn from them, just like everyone else some will stay friends, others you will have disagreements with, some you will unfriend, (as humans we can’t all get on) but most will be only too happy to teach you their experiences of sensory issues, social differences, meltdowns and everything else that comes with being autistic.  In my opinion, the advice you will get from them will be priceless.  In exchange, treat them with the respect and friendship they deserve.


For some autistic adults though, the dedication goes further.  An amazing few venture into the dark muddy depth of Autism parenting groups.  The one I am speaking of had an incredible 54k members.  You might think, surely parents of autistic kids and autistic adults should have an instant bond, an automatic understanding, but this doesn’t always happen.  Some parents express openly their hatred of Autism, their frustration with their children, their wish for a “normal” kid or a “cured” one. This group  is also full of pseudoscience salesmen ready to pounce on the vulnerable parents, talking of vaccine damage and cure via many unethical means.  These are all difficult and triggering subjects for autistic adults, perhaps bringing back memories of past horror and abuse.   Sometimes parents try and justify their kids attending the same therapy sessions as some autistic adults were traumatised by in the form of Lovaas ABA.  Autistic adults are often silenced, or shunned, as not quite knowing what they are talking about, as they are autistic. 


However we are gradually seeing a change, the hate filled autism posts, the vaccine damaged posts, pseudoscience posts getting debunked, even the language is changing.  A small, yet huge in importance, group of dedicated autistic adults determined to make the world a better place for autistic children.  Not for fame, not for money, not for graditude, but simply because they are good people and want to help.


Autistic Adults, thank you for all you do, I know how much you guys work at this, and as an autistic Ally I will do all I can to help too.


Predicted Psychological Impact of Rivera’s CD protocol

A lot of attention has been given to the physical side effects we have witnessed and also predicted through this campaign.  Personally I don’t think we have addressed the psychological impact much.  I think most of us know about it, in our heads, especially autistic adults who know exactly what its like to have heightened sensory issues, and have been brought up to feel very negative about the way they are.  But I must share this, even if one parents who doses their child reads this, it will matter.


I have spoken to a number of people over the years who believe vaccinations have caused their child’s autism.  Some stay quiet about it in front of their kids, others blatantly tell their kids they are vaccine damaged.  Just look at this YouTube video.  Cd autism testimonial

Stuart Duncan is the creator of a safe community of autistic teenagers who play Mine Craft online together.  He talks to a lot of the kids, some of whom are non verbal and communicate through typing.  Please read his heartbreaking blog about a lot of these children who genuinely think they are vaccine damaged  The effect that blaming autism on vaccines has on actual autistic children


I am not going to touch on the diet change issues.  Many parents see positive results on a GFCF diet and I certainly wouldn’t say it causes much harm.  However, the strict CD protocol requires many healthy foods not to be taken around the time of dosing.  Autistic children are often very picky eaters, so denying them healthy food is very irresponsible. What long term message are you sending them?wpid-wp-1443267686905.jpg

Taste buds. Most people with autistic kids will know fussy eating can be an issue.  The main reason for this is sensory issues.  Now the MMS/CD I have heard can smell like a swimming pool.

Don’t get me wrong, the parents dosing often do whatever they can to disguise the taste of the vile solution, but for autistic kids with heighten smell and taste buds, I find it highly unlikely most kids would happily drink it without persuasion or bribery.




Enemas, well where do we start?  There is no way a child would consent to this easily.  I have witnessed parents questioning this in the CD autism group, asking if its really necessary, always an answer of “essential” by Rivera.  Now I genuinely feel that no parent must feel comfortable doing this.  It goes against your instincts, but the group molds its way into a false belief that this is a perfectly fine thing do.

Enemas are hard on the kids.  I witnessed bribery, blackmailing and also forced compliance.  When you think about it, some of these children are under 2.  It would be hard to explain this to a neurotypical child, never mind an autistic child what on earth you are doing.




But then they have a social story.  A social story about having an enema, really?


Now I want you to look at this link.   This is a campaign that the NSPCC supports, which teaches children that anything under their underpants is their private area, for them and no one else.  I think its an important link to share.  Enemas go over that privacy barrier in my opinion Underwear Rule

I once saw a disturbing post about a child begging for an enema during a meltdown.  The parents delighted, a sign that the enemas help rid the child of these parasites causing the autism.  I mean, come on, have none of these parents ever heard of psychological programming?

The conversations the parents must have with their own children.  They are vaccine damaged, riddled with parasites, their autism is evil, a monster, something that needs destroyed.  How can these children ever be happy with who they are?

Once we witnessed a video of an admin CD autism explaining that she tells her son that he needs to go through all this if he wants friends and a normal life.  This video has now been deleted.

See we can see the screenshots, we can look at the horrific advice and the scars that appear, but as everyone knows emotional scars are far harder to heal than physical ones.  If the parents see sense, if there isn’t permanent physical damage or death, there is still memories, which will need tremendous therapy to ease the pain.


This protocol needs stopped IMMEDIATELY

My views are my own, I have no psychology training