Diary of a fictional bleacher

This is a fictional story about a mother who doses her son with mineral miracle solution in an attempt to “cure” his Autism.  All these parents have been brainwashed with conspiracy theories, perhaps its due to a continued unwillingness to accept their child’s Autism.  It is something we may never understand.  It is a difficult read so I need to put a trigger warning on it. 

I have cured my son’s autism and everyone is jealous.  He is still very delayed in speech and language and gets anxious, but that is not autism. Autism is extreme behaviour caused by leaky gut, a horrific vaccine injury.

I cured my son’s Autism by denying him chemical laden food, keeping him away from any modern medicine and anything poisonous.  Anything with gluten or flavour is poison.

I discovered my saviour Kerri Rivera a few years ago.  If I could marry her I would, but it might piss off my husband, ha ha ha!! 

Through a gentle protocol my son went from non verbal to verbal and he has a few friends too.  I started with the gfcf diet.  I simply refused any other food, he had to adjust.  In order for him to drink, I made him drink the chlorine dioxide product.  If he wanted a drink, that was it.  If you tried to refuse it, I gently held his nose and forced it down his throat.  One drop at a time.

He got a few rashes on his back, and I was excited as this is detox.  His teeth also got black but I could scrub it off, as long as he isn’t getting that horrible flouride on his teeth, he will be OK, I mean, that is how they rot, uurggh chemicals!!! 

He got loads of high temps, especially when we got to full dosage. It was amazing.  Once his temp got up to 42c, I was really hoping for a seizure to reset his brain, but it didn’t happen. 

Then, I started seeing these changes with my son.  His first word came, it was “no”.  We were delighted.  After his drinks he often settled down.  Instead of running around annoying us, he simply sat with his head between his legs.  Peace xxx

After my 4th consultation with Kerri (my hero).  We decided enemas were the next step.  The first one was a bit messy, he screamed for hours, but it was well worth it.  The screaming subsided after about 10 enemas. He soon learned that good ” bottom washes” were rewarded with access to his toys. Soon after we saw his first rope worm, his stupid obsession with pokemon, at last was starting to go.  We started naming his enema kit pikachew after that.  At last, we were seeing a difference.  He watches all kinds of videos now. He just sits quietly, doesn’t even seem interested in the TV, so most of the time we just watch re rurns of my favourite Dr Oz show. It’s funny, I often get obsessions like this.

Christmas time was the hardest.  We had to bin so many banned foods.  But we got there.  We cheered when he finished the last sip of bone broth and we all sat down to watch “A wonderful life”.  This was the first year we got through the movie without hearing irritating screaming.  He simply lay on the chair staring at the TV after he had his enema.  Oh I wish we could go back go the good old war days.  Yes, they were scared of the Nazi’s, but at least everyone was clear who their enemy was.  Their enemies didn’t come in food type boxes, or vaccination needles.  Rationing must have been awesome for a healthy diet.  If only we could return to those Autism and cancer free days. 

Anyway, back to the enemas, they were working.  Every day, 2 a day if we started seeing Autism behaviour.  We even got to the stage he was shouting ‘pikachew’ when he started seeing his Autism coming back.  What a clever boy he is.  A calm, compliant, sweet boy who just wants to please us.  That’s what life should be about. 

Kerri made me moderator of CD Autism which is the biggest honour I could ever take.  This gave me the opportunity to advise people of what dangerous chemicals are contained in food.  I could explain what to tell the doctors when their child gets an anal prolapse and how to train their child to be compliant for an enema and loads of other essential parenting tools.

I actually class myself as a genius now in science.  Truth news and natural news has taught me all I know.  I know chlorine dioxide just turns to salt in the body.  Jim humble has taught me all I know.  My grandad died of cancer, this was due to the chemotherapy, if only he had know about MMS then.  He was an odd chap from what I remember, might have had aspergers, if only he had known about CD, got his worms out. 

Then it came, the trolls.  Government paid shills from Ireland.  Screaming about Autism not being curable, poison and abuse ffs?  As if I would hurt my child.  Surprise surprise they paid the mainstream media to write some awful stuff.  They twisted the science to suit their agenda, and even people I respected started believing it.  I had a visit from CPA, which was tough but we managed to hide everything.  Now I simply say “vitimins and diet” cured my son.  It’s easier. 

Its funny how silly people are. The speech therapist visited yesterday. She was amazed by the change. Her view was that his lack of extreme behaviour now might be due to his increased speech and language ability, and communication skills. How little she knows “pharma shill”.

I will always fight for the justice of society, stop science over taking the truth, stop these doctors with their evil needles from letting our kids be exposed to diseases.  We will succeed.  We will beat Autism.  I am troll hunter, hear me roar


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