Fiona O’Leary – The Truth – Facebook slamming

***Edited September 2016 – I first wrote this during a difficult time last year when Fiona was subjected to a lot of unwarranted criticism ***

A few months into our MMS fight, we discovered a Genesis 2 church seminar was happening in Ireland in about a weeks time.  Myself and a friend, on her suggestion looked to see if we could find women’s asperger’s groups in Ireland on Facebook.  This is where we found Fiona.  Within 5 days she had appeared on breakfast news and headlined a newspaper,  and we know she has been the greatest asset to our cause.

Almost immediately she was on board with Rita O’Reily from Primetime, a huge Irish documentary program creating a documentary, which took 8 months to complete.  This is the most detailed documentary to date of this horrific protocol.


Unlike the most of us campaigning,who were nervous,  Fiona very much knew she needed to go public.  Her drive to help autistic kids raised above their fear of reprisal by the genesis 2 church.  We honestly didn’t know whether this cult was dangerous or not.  Fiona took that risk.

It wasn’t just Fiona fighting this horrific protocol.  Now, many people were joining in all over the world.  This was fantastic.  Many joined via our Facebook campaign, others finding us through the media campaign.  There is an army all over the world fighting this, and having varying degrees of success in a big host of countries.

A website was created, and many of us contributed to it.

With the Autism One seminar approaching the support grew significantly.  Colleagues of Fiona managed to get a lot of interest from the science community who managed to get awareness much larger.  A demonstration happened, there was media attention and Rivera was banned from promoting herself in Illinois again.  This was a fantastic achievement by many, and Fiona was a large part in this too.

Autismone MMS Protest

When children got put into care in Arkansas due to MMS, Fiona managed to get media attention there too.

Fiona has very much acknowledged that often speaking to the converted isn’t always the way to go.  Anyone with science knowledge or an understanding of Autism wouldn’t be attracted to this protocol and she knew it.  The brave lady that she is, ventured into the deep and dark trenches of the conspiracy theory community.  Those who are anti vaccination, believe in chem trails, 911 cover ups and any other conspiracy going.  Her drive in this to educate.  Make people understand that using this protocol is wrong, harmful and abusive.  She received hate filled emails and phone calls, accused of being a big pharma shill, anything to attempt to drag her name into the mud.  This upset Fiona a great deal.  It would have made me close my all my contacts, change all my details and hide under the couch.  Fiona didn’t.  She continued, as she always does, in the belief that if only one person listened to her regarding this protocol, it would be worth it.  She as the bravery and strength that many of us only dream of having.

Finding her good friend Emma Dalmayne I think was a relief to her.  At last, another allie who was happy to go public to end this abuse.  Emma is another amazing fighter, Emma Dalmayne – The Truth

Unfortunately Fiona’s methods of getting this attention, don’t always match the strict ‘guidelines’ of the science community.  She isn’t restricted by only proving science based evidence, and an emotional approach to this issue is often shown.  She is a lady with aspergers campaigning against harm done to autistic children.  This is a natural human reaction, which is essential for media attention and journalism.  It works, and that is why Fiona is so successful in getting this attention worldwide.

Regarding the Autism Community things can be difficult.  Fiona is driven, very driven, very focused and doesn’t put up with nonsense.  She could have 2 people or two thousand people supporting her, her fight will go on.  She feels awareness outside social media is the key, and I agree.   Unlike what someone suggested, her fight was never been about ‘self promotion’ or likes on her articles.  Her drive has always been focused on the poor children, she has never met suffering this protocol.  Sometimes she falls out with people on Facebook, as we all do.  Facebook relationships can be very strained at the best of times.  I have had to block a number of people in this fight, for my own sanity more than anything.  Deep down I know they aren’t bad people, but when people make assumptions about your motives, or criticise things you have worked extremely hard to achieve, it is sometimes hurtful and upsetting.  People have blocked me for the same reason too.

Regarding Fiona however, a hate campaign appears to have started, where criticism is rife, where the important articles she gets released frequently aren’t getting acknowledged.  Where only articles are which show controversy are highlighted.  It is extremely small minded and petty.


I have been in chats with Fiona, for months at a time, she is hard working, driven and a good friend.  Her work starts about 9am, and she continues into the early hours of the morning.  Sometimes up to 6am if she is speaking to journalist from other countries.  Her concern is only ever with the children.  She works tirelessly day in day out, not only concentrating on MMS, other dangerous autistic treatments, but also other human rights issues.  She helped stop a charlatan trying to claim he could cure autism by talking to autistic children, stop a con man trying to flog untrained dogs to people with disabilities, and helped a desperate family from France escape the horrors of their son being institutionalised.  That is only the ones I remember,   Country divide doesn’t phase her. Sometimes she asks my advice on something and my instinct is to tell her to close down Facebook and hide behind that couch, that many of us would.  Instead, she faces the crowds and stands at the front, doing what she knows is right.


Fiona, don’t let them grind you down.  I know I have only mentioned a small amount of work you have done here.  If I mentioned them all, this blog would be massive,   Stay as you are, you are amazing.  Feel proud in how many children you have helped with this campaign and how so many more will be spared this protocol.  There are so many people worldwide now fighting against this protocol, and much of this is down to you.

Anyone who still feels a personal grudge against Fiona, or don’t believe in all her methods, please just move on.  Concentrate your fight against Kerri Rivera and all her minions.  Direct these feelings to something more positive.  Have faith in yourself, you can make a difference.

blog update 02/09/2016

Updating now a year later, and Fiona’s fight goes on. Significant progress has been made enlightening the public on many dangerous autism treatments, and many charities have been questioned as to their motives promoting unregulated products.  The boy she helped get to live in Ireland can stay without fear of returning to France.  The CD protocol is now considered child abuse in South Africa, so much amazing work done, more than I can possibly write here

Fiona has been aware right from the start that none of these ‘treatments’ would been available without the release of a false paper by the charlatan Andrew Wakefield and most of her latest campaigning has been against the horrific movie Vaxxed which has a dangerous message attached telling parents not to vaccinate their children, while displaying misunderstood autistic children as a source of scaremongering. She regained huge support from the science community after the makers of Vaxxed tried to sue her for loss of income their movie would generate.

She has many science writers following her campaigns and debunking the nonsense presented to her on a daily basis.   

She continues to have her critics, often from anti vaxxers who can be very nasty, Without scientific evidence on their side, anti vaxxers often resort to personal insults.

Some are from old colleagues with the bitter green eyed monster bug. None of this deters her, as she always has her priorities straight.  In fact if anything any hate campaign made has simply made her stronger.

Her fight for justice continues as it always does, fighting for the right of Autistic Adults and Children

Please, look at her , her website and see all the work she does, it is fantastic

Autistic Rights Together

Thanks for reading xx

Fiona’s facebook profile she makes lots of public post, please don’t be offended if she doesn’t accept your friend request due to her work

Fiona and Emma’s Page


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