Emma Dalmayne – The Truth


**edited September 2016 to add more detail

Emma Dalmayne is autistic and has  6 kids, all she feels are neurologically different.

Emma has the unique ability of being able to explain in amazing detail aspects of her autistic traits, coping mechanisms and how to manage life.  This incredible talent, along with her brilliant writing skills has helped countless parents, and therefore their autistic children manage traits and behaviours that aren’t always easy to work out.  She can explain meltdowns, sensory issues and social differences in the most helpful way.  Thankfully she uses this ability in a large and successful Facebook group, with the help of some brilliant admin, with similar views and values.  They vary from parents of autistic children, parents who are autistic themselves and also autistic adults without children.  The group is a very safe place for Autistic Adults too who benefit from the group immensely.


Her talent has taken her away from Facebook, where she has had countless publications in many autistic and special needs magazines and articles.  She educates people about the wrong assumptions about non verbal Autistic people lacking intelligence, the horrors of the Lovaas ABA therapy, and many techniques and ideas vital for parents and professionals alike.

Emma is a large contributor to the neurodiversity community.  She doesn’t believe a cure is ever needed for autism, with understanding and acceptance being the key.  She bans the topic from her Facebook group, and also for the autonomy of the member’s children she will never allow a parent to post a recording of their child having a meltdown.  Most parents are happy to learn from these rules, and many discover a more positive side to their kid’s diagnosis, which comes with a fresh understanding of behavioural issues and therefore the ability to work through any problems. That has always been the aim and drive for Emma and it works very well


We now await with anticipation for her first published book about being autistic and how to help autistic kids.

Even though Emma has 6 kids, and runs this successful Facebook group, she also devotes her time fighting harmful, unregulated and abusive Autism treatments

From posts she saw posted in her group, she was determined to help in our fight against the CD Protocol.  (MMS, aka bleach enemas)   Just like Fiona O’Leary, she was not afraid to go public, hound journalists and talk to Authorities.  She has made tremendous progress this way, and increased her fight to GCMAF, another Unauthorised treatment, and a few more that she is determined expose and protest against.   She has been on TV programs, helped with a BBC news report, been on radio shows and spoken publically at the Autism Show about the dangers of these treatments, especially MMS.show

One thing I also admire about Emma, is that, like Fiona, she has also been to ‘the dark side’, not conspiracy theories this time, but more to mothers of children who have administered these dangerous treatments on their children.  She, by no means finds this easy, it is very hard, but just like Fiona, her drive is to help the child, and will do anything she can to try and re-educate the parents.

Emma is very determined, passionate and  a great friend.  Just like Fiona, she will always have her critics, but, always also, doesn’t let that deter her.  Please also read my blog about Fiona if you haven’t already Fiona O’Leary – The Truth

Emma, like Fiona,  is making a huge difference in a lot of areas of the Autism Community.FIONA

Fiona and Emma are good friends, and work very well as a team.  Both with the same passion and determination for Autistic rights.

Update Sep 2016

Emma has managed to get a huge amount of press about unregulated treatments, and has also managed to expose many charlatans claiming false cures.  Her work continues

This one of her biggest published press releases fake autism cures proved deadly

and her petition has now reach over 51,920 signatures, please sign make Autistic Cures Illegal

Emma’s book is now published  It’s an Autism Thing – I’ll help you understand it

and she has written another one too:  Susie Spins

She is now also running a play group for Autistic Kids and Teenagers at a local Play Centre

If you haven’t already, please follow their page Fiona and Emma’s page

Of course, I can’t end this blog without promoting Emma’s website Autisticate Dalmayne

If you are interested in joining her facebook support group please ask to join my group Autistic Allies and I will direct you from there, as I can add you, as Emma’s group is secret for the protection of the members

Thank you Emma, for all you do xx


4 thoughts on “Emma Dalmayne – The Truth

  1. My daughter, shannon, is 16 and is non-verbal. I would love to learn how to understand her better and help her become all she is meant to be. She has a great sense of humor and some writing skills. Looking forward to being a part of this group.

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