Predicted Psychological Impact of Rivera’s CD protocol

A lot of attention has been given to the physical side effects we have witnessed and also predicted through this campaign.  Personally I don’t think we have addressed the psychological impact much.  I think most of us know about it, in our heads, especially autistic adults who know exactly what its like to have heightened sensory issues, and have been brought up to feel very negative about the way they are.  But I must share this, even if one parents who doses their child reads this, it will matter.


I have spoken to a number of people over the years who believe vaccinations have caused their child’s autism.  Some stay quiet about it in front of their kids, others blatantly tell their kids they are vaccine damaged.  Just look at this YouTube video.  Cd autism testimonial

Stuart Duncan is the creator of a safe community of autistic teenagers who play Mine Craft online together.  He talks to a lot of the kids, some of whom are non verbal and communicate through typing.  Please read his heartbreaking blog about a lot of these children who genuinely think they are vaccine damaged  The effect that blaming autism on vaccines has on actual autistic children


I am not going to touch on the diet change issues.  Many parents see positive results on a GFCF diet and I certainly wouldn’t say it causes much harm.  However, the strict CD protocol requires many healthy foods not to be taken around the time of dosing.  Autistic children are often very picky eaters, so denying them healthy food is very irresponsible. What long term message are you sending them?wpid-wp-1443267686905.jpg

Taste buds. Most people with autistic kids will know fussy eating can be an issue.  The main reason for this is sensory issues.  Now the MMS/CD I have heard can smell like a swimming pool.

Don’t get me wrong, the parents dosing often do whatever they can to disguise the taste of the vile solution, but for autistic kids with heighten smell and taste buds, I find it highly unlikely most kids would happily drink it without persuasion or bribery.




Enemas, well where do we start?  There is no way a child would consent to this easily.  I have witnessed parents questioning this in the CD autism group, asking if its really necessary, always an answer of “essential” by Rivera.  Now I genuinely feel that no parent must feel comfortable doing this.  It goes against your instincts, but the group molds its way into a false belief that this is a perfectly fine thing do.

Enemas are hard on the kids.  I witnessed bribery, blackmailing and also forced compliance.  When you think about it, some of these children are under 2.  It would be hard to explain this to a neurotypical child, never mind an autistic child what on earth you are doing.




But then they have a social story.  A social story about having an enema, really?


Now I want you to look at this link.   This is a campaign that the NSPCC supports, which teaches children that anything under their underpants is their private area, for them and no one else.  I think its an important link to share.  Enemas go over that privacy barrier in my opinion Underwear Rule

I once saw a disturbing post about a child begging for an enema during a meltdown.  The parents delighted, a sign that the enemas help rid the child of these parasites causing the autism.  I mean, come on, have none of these parents ever heard of psychological programming?

The conversations the parents must have with their own children.  They are vaccine damaged, riddled with parasites, their autism is evil, a monster, something that needs destroyed.  How can these children ever be happy with who they are?

Once we witnessed a video of an admin CD autism explaining that she tells her son that he needs to go through all this if he wants friends and a normal life.  This video has now been deleted.

See we can see the screenshots, we can look at the horrific advice and the scars that appear, but as everyone knows emotional scars are far harder to heal than physical ones.  If the parents see sense, if there isn’t permanent physical damage or death, there is still memories, which will need tremendous therapy to ease the pain.


This protocol needs stopped IMMEDIATELY

My views are my own, I have no psychology training