I’m Sorry

For parents who still believe the MMR vaccination is responsible for causing their child’s autism


I am sorry if your child is hard work.  I am sorry if you get little sleep, I am sorry if you witness self injurious behaviour, I am sorry if you get daily meltdowns.  I am sorry that your child isn’t toilet trained and is yet to find his voice.  I don’t have your life and don’t pretend to.

Life must be tough and even tougher for your child.  You must be angry, sometimes bitter.  Life isn’t what you anticipated it would be

Maybe you want to redirect your anger.  Maybe you want something to blame.  Maybe you refuse to see that your child’s disability is no ones fault.  Maybe blaming vaccines makes sense to you.  Maybe you saw regression after vaccines and you see that as proof. 

Vaccines don’t cause Autism.  It has been proved time after time after time.  Thousands of children and millions of dollars have been spent dispelling this myth.  You might not want to believe it, but its true.  Its time to redirect your anger


Why, because this thinking process is damaging.  It is damaging the autistic community, it is making you bitter, it is making you mistrust modern medicine, it is damaging autistic people, it is damaging your willingness to accept your child’s disabilities, but most of all, this thought process is damaging your child.

One essential aspect I feel for your blame of vaccines is missed opportunities to learn.  You see if you truly believe vaccinations are to blame for your child’s autism, you will never listen to the voices of Autistic adults.  Never get the guidance, which is always free from people who can often relate to your child.  Often be able to help you work out meltdowns, explain what its like to have sensory issues, explore the possible potential of your child’s future by seeing the progress many autistic adults have made, some with the same issues your child has, when they were a child. 

See vaccine talk hurts.  Autistic adults hearing you describe your child as vaccine damaged hurts them.  It hurts me as an autistic ally, No autistic will want to befriend you with those opinions.  Your child won’t benefit from the awesome guidance they can give you, and life may remain very hard, yes no one can guarantee life can get easier either, but surely its worth a try?   I know many parents who benefit tremendously from a bit of guidance. 

Please try and change your perspective, read the following links, study them, make your peace and be happier in the knowledge that there is no anger to be had, no conspiracy theories and Wakefield and his croanies tricked you, just like they did many others.  Its not too late to change your perspective, Robert De Niro did

Good luck x

Links that prove there is no connection between vaccinations and autism:


Links that explain why your child regressed near the time of vaccinations: 




Psychological effect parental vaccination damage belief has on children: 

The effect that blaming autism on vaccines has on actual autistic children

Links confirming Wakefield was a fraud:



Alternative and complementary ways to help your child :

AutismTreatments – read if you are considering them

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