Perseverance through Persecution: One Autistic Mother’s Quest to Save a Generation -Fiona O’Leary 

I have known Fiona O’Leary since July 2014, she is one of the bravest women I know, here I am going to write a full list of almost everything she has worked on as I am sure I will miss a few.  She’s amazingly dedicated and a fantastic advocate.
Some of these achievements she worked alone on, others she worked hard with other people doing, and this blog is in no way dismissing anyone who worked with her on this, or also worked for the same cause, but in different ways, it’s all excellent

July 2014
Fiona first discovered mineral miracle cure (MMS) solution and quickly joined the Facebook group CD Autism, to see the horror of what was going on.  Children getting subjected to enemas and forced oral solutions to produce poisoning to the body, all into the drive to find a fake cure for autism
Her researched drove her to:
Discover a dentist recommending MMS

Discovery of a nutritionist recommending MMS who is still under investigation
She immediately contacted the press and got the first article out

The Irish examiner


and appeared on Am Ireland news:  Ireland AM cd/MMS

and The Opinion Line cork96fm CD/MMS protocol

She also got the ball rolling on the investigation by RTE Primetime

August 2014
An Article out in the Sunday Times  Bleach sold as cure for autism

she contacted the local senator who was interested

September 2014
Jillian Van Turnhout state senator released this article

To her horror Fiona found a GP prescribing MMS

Fiona saw that Kerri Rivera was being interviewed by a radio station about her protocol.  She immediately phoned and complained, managing to get a wonderful interview in the following day, this is excellent, please listen when you  have a free hour

The Gifts of Autism , silicon valley’s, secret weapon with Fiona O’Leary

February 2015
Fiona and her husband are talented musicians and wrote a song :

Cd Protocol song Don’t Start the CD Protocol
At last RTE Primetime released the documentary ‘The Bleach prescription’, the first in-depth televised investigation of its type.  Fiona, with others worked extremely hard on this, and was also featured in it :

The Bleach Prescription – Part 1

Part 2

This month was the starting point to try to stop Kerri Rivera speaking at Autismone which is a yearly Autism Conference.  She helped create this petition:

Fiona has never been scared of speaking to people wrapped in conspiracy type thinking.  Her first interview was here, it was very challenging for her

Open your mind radio

Open you Mind Radio unfortunately a few days later Fiona was badly bullied by a few of the people who interviewed her here

February   2015 was also the first time Fiona revealed to us all the dangerous blood product GcMaf.  It was also on Rivera’s protocol, once your child is almost “cured”.  The blood product was unlicensed, later to be found included bovine blood, no guarantee of where the blood came from, and made in conditions which were not sterile.   Also it was extremely expensive, with no guarantee any of it works.  The lab was in Guernsey and  Fiona assisted exposing it  Drug banned in Guernsey


March 2015

Fiona was featured in this  excellent article out in the USA

Vice – Parents are giving their children bleach enemas to “cure” them of Autism


Fiona helped with this article

the Guardian – how unorthadox treatments can exploit the vulnerable

GCMAF was exposed on ‘The One Show’  GCMAF part 1

GCMAF – Part 2


Dr Finbar  was starting to be investigated by General Medical council

More MMS exposure in Ireland here:

Irish Examiner – Parents Quizzed over Bleach treatment for Autism

Irish Examiner – Its time to ban abusive Autism treatments

Fiona and some of her colleagues heard about a story in Arkansas USA. 7 children had been removed by the authorities from their parents. There was a lot more involved story, but MMS was one aspect. She used this opportunity to educate the public about the dangers of MMS .

Kark 4 News

There was lots of other media in Arkansas too

Fiona did everything in her power to try to stop Kerri Rivera speaking at The Autismone Conference in Chicago.  She got in the  media, pleaded with the hotel management, and contacted the attorney general. Others were also doing the same. Unfortunately Rivera still spoke.  However this all happened:

NBC News press release

Chicago Press

A fantastic  Protest took place

Autismone Protest

And good news came Kerri Rivera is now not allowed to speak in Illinois ever again about her protocol

Co incidentally this month we heard that the MMS seller Daniel Smith was arrested

Daniel Smith Arrest

June 2015

Fiona helped Catherine Hall from the NAS educate against GCMAF for Autism

No connection between Autism and MMR vaccine

Fiona  helped expose Leonardo Edwards on the BBC here:

‘Miracle autism cure’ seller exposed by BBC investigation

She was on the Victoria Derbyshire show which was highlighted in
Southern Star Cork West Cork anti MMS autism cure campaigner on BBC

Genesis 2 church raid in Farnham by trading standards
MHRA aand HPRA investigating MMS and GCMAF

August 2015

Fiona was interviewed by Richie Allen  The Richie Allen Show


Fiona was informed about a house posing as a Bulgaria hospital  It was a tragic story about relatives sending their dying relatives to this “hospital” at a very high price to try and find a ‘miracle cure’, the person in charge was an Amanda Mary Jewell who calls herself a cancer specialist, yet appears to have no medical training.  Her treatments consisted of MMS and GCMAF.  This story haunts me of the denial these patients must have had to receive proper palliative care, instead poked and prodded with useless injections and intrusive MMS enemas.  Obviously the patients died.  Fiona has written a lot about this Amanda Jewells in her Tumbler account, and continues to fight for her to get correctly punished for her reckless, dangerous behaviour.

September 2015

Fiona discovered another charlatan coming to Ireland.  He claimed that he had cures for so many illnesses.  Filled with giving audiences false hope and lies, Fiona knew she has to deal with it, she managed to get into his seminar and challenged him

Here is the story  this resulted in him cancelling his  tour of Australia

The People’s debate Vincent Browne debates show about lack of Autistic Rights in Ireland and dangerous products

November 2015

Fiona  helped expose the GCMAF scam here

Unlicensed blood drug GcMAF still for sale

More exposure of another MMS seminar in Ireland

Irish Examiner – church won’t sell us bleach cures in Ireland, but will teach us how to make it

First South Africa exposure

Dr Finbar was suspended for writing MMS prescriptions

Dr Finbar Magee: Suspended GP defends alternative methods

Dec 2015
Fiona appeared on Irish TV again The Today Show

Fiona started investigating and working with journalists to expose the huge MMS issues in Serbia and Croatia

This month a lady from France reached out to her.  Her son was kept in an institution in France where Autistic people are treated as mentally ill.  They have torturous treatment such as packing therapy, and this lady didn’t want her son to have this inflicted on him.  Fiona and her lovely family helped move the family over the Ireland.  It was a very difficult month and over Christmas the poor lady was in jail while her son was living with the O’Learys.  The family has now been granted approval to live in Ireland.

January 2016

Fiona started a ‘Call for Action’  video campaign : Call For Action

February 2016
David Noakes GCMAF business was raided
There was local elections happening in Ireland soon and many people had suggested to her that she stands for council.  Thinking it would be a good opportunity for politicians to know about our campaign and also educate the constituents, she decided to run for council.  Being a woman with Aspergers she found this very challenging.  She especially loved speaking to the young people and the travelling community and trying to get their views across.

As expected Fiona didn’t win this election, but it gave her the connections and it was a great promotion of the work we are all fighting against

She helped with others to pull a fake go fund me website down


ABC 7 exposes USA eye witness news

Helped with this article:

Animal circus

Fiona and her family are big animal lovers.  They all protested against , and got press out about the cruelty of using animals at a circus

After months in the working Fiona and colleagues in South Africa saw the release of the documentary “Special Assignment” being made unfortunately this seemed to promote even the most abusive of “cure” methods

In March 2016 Fiona was contacted by a concerned parent who was worried about someone promoting unregulated, dangerous treatments at his kids local school.  Fiona discovered that the person coming to promote these treatments was a man called Dietrich Klinghard who was friends with one of the teachers.  Dietrich Klinghardt believes that Microwaves, Cell Phones, Light Bulbs and even Baby Formula cause Autism.

He had strong connections with both MMS and Gcmaf,  The teacher in question left the school and the planned workshop was cancelled.  This was due to the hard work of Fiona and others


April 16
The last Reformation – Fiona and others discovered a dangerous cult were coming to Ireland and exposed them

She also helped expose the Cult in their home country of Denmark

She also helped expose an Extremist Catholic Cult
Exposure on FM radio and opinion line

Cork FM quack cures

She was interviewed  here about Autistic rights Fiona O’Leary on Phoenix Fm Radio 28th April 2016

She helped with Portugal exposure of Leonardo Edwards Parents put baby bleach product before their baby

Many people from South Africa and Fiona were still determined to expose the MMS protocol as being abusive.  At last this month, a better documentary was produced

Any parent now in South Africa implementing the CD protocol on their child will be charged with child abuse

July 2016

Fiona spoke about Autistic rights here A Conversation With Ireland’s Autistic Rights Activist Fiona O’Leary! – The LanceScurv Show

This month was over first discovery of the terrible fictional documentary being released by the Tribeca film festival  called ‘Vaxxed’  Even more upsetting was the fact Robert Deniro was endorsing it.  Luckily after speaking to the science community he changed his mind and withdrew his support

Fiona O’Leary did a lot of campaigning against the movie Vaxxed, like many critics.  However Cinema Libre decided to then try to threaten Fiona with a lawyer’s letter.  Shown here:

Fiona received overwhelming support here from the science community which was excellent, these included articles written by Skeptical raptor Skeptical Raptor link

Forbes and a great  podcast interview with Dan Broadbent who owns the big science page -A science Enthusiast – on fb

She was also interviewed here The Skeptic zone

August 2016

Fiona has been well aware of the huge problem the old Yugoslavian countries have had with MMS.  Croatia has its own version of Kerri Rivera and unfortunately the protocol is rife  there.  This is a brilliant article Fiona got released in Croatia

Fiona goes on the Opinion Line addressing the anti vaxx harrassment she has received and the  issues of a local charity called Regret

September 2016

Fiona speaks on the local  radio about the nutricianist who once recommended MMS to herself, and the continued frustration that this lady is still appearing at an upcoming Autism Seminar  Concerns over chemical treatments used for autistic children Red FM

Fiona is still working tirelessly to try and get laws changed regarding MMS/GCMAF and various other Autism “Cures”.  A lot of her work involves trying to get more Autism Organisations to support the cause and also push Governments for Legislation

As you will have guessed, this blog is still a work in progress,  please keep coming back to see updates thanks x

Fiona’s Organisation :  Autistic Rights Together

Believe it or not, I will not have added everything here, her drive to stop the abuse and help autistic children she has never met isn’t just a passion of hers, its a neccessity. She works tirelessly, her only drive being to help kids.  She has been slandered, insulted, bullied tremendously, mostly by the anti vaxx community who are renouned for this behaviour, but also by people who have had their fraudulent businesses threatened.    I have so much more to add, and will do when I remember.  Fiona you are changing the world, and along with your best buddy Emma Dalmayne (who I plan to do a blog on next), Autistic children worldwide will gain a happier, safe future xxx

I would like to dedicate this blog to Rebecca Ferguson who sadly died this year.  She  was an amazing autism advocate and helped arrange the last two Autisome Protests. Rest in Peace Rebecca xxx



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