Autism, Neurodiversity, Do We Need A New Language?


Autism Spectrum Disorder is the name applied to individuals who have a particular neurological difference and myriad related symptoms.  At the core neurodiversity; having a wide variety of different ways of thinking, is good for the entire world.  Every person born with or without Autism has the potential to enrich his or her community.  Alternate perspectives, different intelligences and variations of creativity are amazing gifts.

But lets talk about  the dark side; sensory sensitivities, communication issues, social confusion, pain, anxiety, depression, gastro-intestinal problems and a compromised immune symptoms. All of these issues are incredibly common in people with ASD.

super-alex-0003 People with Autism are often under attack

Let’s look at the two parenting approaches:

  • Positive; There is nothing wrong with Autism.  This can lead to parents without an emotional outlet and the autistic person is left questioning their lack of success.
  • Negative; Autism is a horrific disorder.  Parents are left to…

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