Autism Advocate

My name is Heather, I am a neurotypical (non Autistic) mother of 2 kids. One who is Autistic.

I was one of the original founders who have been working together to fight against the horrors of CD Autism and MMS.

I enjoy writing. One of my passions is to try and unite the very worrying divide between the Autism Community. This is often between parents of Autistic children, and Autistic Adults.

I have written 14 blogs so far which I hope will help:

Blogs on Autism treatments

Autism Treatments

the Atec scale not a reliable source

optimising well being, peace of mind and happiness by Autism Experts – Autistic Adults

I’m Sorry – vaccines connection

Blogs on Autism

Warrior moms blogs

Blog for the Newly Diagnosed

Awesome Autistic Adults

10 reasons why having an autistic kid is awesome


Autistic’s we need you

Blogs about our campaign

Diary of a fictional bleacher

Letter to Amanda Mary

Reality is the way forward

my first published article:

when your child has Autism do you take the red pill or the blue pill

Please also read the other blogs I have linked to mine, all carefully picked, thank you .

And also the Facebook group I help admin

Autistic Allies

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