Reality is the way forward

I watched you in CD Autism.  I watched with horror after day after day you took a photo of what you called “parasites” being extracted from your child’s bowels.  You were loved, encouraged, perhaps Rivera’s favourite prodigy.  Positive likes and comments filled the group.  However I rarely saw any posts about how well your daughter was doing, or any progress made.  I left the group a while back, on the understanding enough people in there had the sense to report what you were doing to a child protection agency.  I am in the UK so couldn’t do much. 

The next time I set eyes on your profile, was in another group over a  year later.  You have changed your surname, but your photo still remains.  One I will never forget.    I looked at your profile and was shocked to discover more you are doing


Chlorine dioxide didn’t work, neither did GCMaF, I hear, but now you are raising money for a stem cell treatment

Go Fund Me

This doesn’t work either

But I guess it is pointless giving you Science links when you don’t listen to warnings about MMS

With that I really want to sit you down and have a chat. 

Your daughter has a diagnosis of severe Autism.  Life is tough, I understand that.  It isn’t your fault, it isn’t her fault.  It isn’t the vaccinations, it is no ones fault.  Some people have kids with disabilities and that is just life.   Your daughter is 12 now.  You seem to have spent so many years blaming things for the way she is, rather than facing reality.  She may never be able to live independently, she may have to go into a group home as an adult.  There is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent that happening if she is not capable.  It doesn’t matter whether you have millions, or no money, there are no secret potions or treatments which can stop this. It is time for you to join reality. 

I know life will be hard for you, perhaps monotonous, she might be your full time job for the rest of your life.  Its probably not the life you picked, but just look at her, she’s worth it isn’t she.  I know her behaviour is probably challenging, there will be things you don’t understand, but its no parasites, its a different neurology to yours.  One you can learn all about.  Fighting it, simply doesn’t work. 

You say in your ‘go fund me’ that she is very bright.  This is awesome.  This means she can learn different communication methods if she hasn’t already.  Have you ever looked up “Carly Fleishman” your daughter could be just like her. 

Carly Fleischmann

I know many autistic adults diagnosed as severe as a child.  Many communicate from different means, some didn’t speak till their teenage years, some still don’t speak, some even managed to live independently, with only a bit of  help when needed.  No “Autism Treatments got them to this stage .

It will be a long road for you to reach autism acceptance, but please do try, for your daughters sake, she deserves to be proud of who she is. 

You are in a big group with many autistic adults, trying to make a difference.  Get tips from them, learn how to help your daughter.  Its a long road. There is no short cut, but you can do it, because deep down, all autistics ever want is to be accepted as who they are.

I will leave you with some great links and blogs written by and about adults with severe autism. 

Autism isn’t a fight that you will win.  Try learning from others about the reasons for her behaviours and it will help

Good luck

Amy Sequenzia

interview with non verbal adults

blog about a mother raising her severely Autistic son

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